American Library Association (ALA) Annual Awards- 2015: #WNDB

I’ve been devoting my time to revisions on my sequel to Odin’s Promise, not to mention getting out into the lives of educators, classrooms, and other groups with interest in writing and reading. All in all, I’ve devoted very little time to this post or to my picture book blog posts. 

Forgive me? 

It seems to me the best possible time of year to reduce my output since the rest of the kid-lit world is cranked into high gear. The American Library Association (ALA) has it’s annual mid-winter meeting each January. On Monday morning this week, Groundhog Day, to be precise, Medal-winners and Honors-winners for the most prestigious awards in the industry were announced. For the complete list, click here: I LOVE LIBRARIES. 

The next time you find yourself watching reruns of a program, treat yourself to an hour+ of pure book-love instead by watching the full video of the announcements, here.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 3.52.48 PMThe Oscars this year got some serious grief for its lily-white nominations, overlooking some extraordinarily worthy movies from 2014. They should have followed the lead of the ALA awards, which recognized multiple titles featuring diverse topics, characters, and conflicts. Diversity represents much more than just racial/ethnic differences. And since the honored titles represent just a tiny portion of the many books produced in 2014, BOOKLIST (here)  offers up this fantastic list of other diverse titles that allow readers to see themselves and others through a very wide lens. The #WNDB (#WeNeedDiverseBooks) momentum embraces the concept that books can and should provide both a mirror and a window to every reader of every age.

I felt a bit smug in that I’d managed to read 90% (or more) of the medal/honors titles across all categories, and most of those on the Booklist resource. Those I missed are already on my hold list at the library. I don’t say that to brag, but to reflect the priorities in my life these days: writing and reading.

Please share these lists with readers in your own life- and don’t waste a minute getting started. I’m outta here to do the same!




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  1. Great post–thanks for sharing. And wonderful news that the sequel to Odin’s Promise is in the works! I’m so excited to hear that!

    • Suzanne, nice to see you stop by, and thank you. I’m keeping fingers crossed for the new round of submissions on your Nin-Chicks, too. That’s sincere, even though saying my fingers are crossed is my go-to excuse for typos! 😛

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