An-ti-ci-pa-tion… Is Keeping Me Waiting

You might think years of writing, submitting, and then filing countless “not-quite”, “not for us”. and even “shows promise” rejections would make me quit.


Writing is what I do, just like reading, thinking, talking, and listening. I’m “in my head” throughout the day, even in my sleep, and that translates to “on the page”, no matter what those letters say.

I’ll admit I’ve been gun-shy of submitting my writing at times. I tend to muster up the courage and dive back in after working with my fantastic “writing sisters”, attending a conference, reading an article, or participating in a workshop.

That’s what happened with Odin’s Promise. Even after some encouraging but ultimately rejecting responses, I reread, revised, and resubmitted.

celebrate 1

As you know if you’re reading this, Odin found a home with Crispin Books!

Since this is my debut novel, my experience with the publishing process after signing a contract  has all been vicarious. Reading blogs, following tweets, talking with other authors all offered plenty of guidance, but now it’s my turn to step up and walk the walk, as they say.


Recent weeks have kept me busy with details, revisions, and social media. In case you haven’t noticed, though, the calendar has flipped to 2014 and those details are nearing  completion. That brings me to the news I’ve been waiting to share.

celebration 3


The question I’ve been asked most often is “When can I get your book?”

And the answer is….

(am I the only one hearing drum rolls?)

ODIN’S PROMISE is available for sale on


Between now and then  my to-do list is getting longer by the minute. Planning is already underway for a launch party in the Milwaukee area, bookstore appearances, and some regional traveling. Stay tuned for details, and here’s hoping I’ll be meeting up with lots of you at one or more of the celebration occasions.

In a recent post I said it’s my intention to boldly embrace the new and unknown, and all of the above is exactly that.  Don’t get me wrong- I’m happy, even thrilled, but…


18 Comments on “An-ti-ci-pa-tion… Is Keeping Me Waiting

  1. Sandy,
    I cannot wait to attend one or more of your functions! So excited for you!! Please tell me they’re not over the Easter break!

    • Joanne, thanks for the energy and enthusiasm- I’m counting on it to help me with nerves! If all works out, one event will be during that week after Easter (this is a sneak peek at plans for those willing to read comments- HA!). But I hope to have other events, book signings, etc. throughout the spring. If you aren’t around at the time I’ll come and find you, that’s a promise!

  2. I am so excited to read your book, Sandy. My husband’s family, who immigrated to the US, left Norway shortly after the end of the war. His grandparents were part of the Norwegian resistance effort, so many stories were shared as he grew up. He will be reading your book as well.

    • Margaret,
      Thanks for sharing the excitement. What a wonderful thought to have my story read by someone with such close links to the history portrayed. I’d love to know his reactions and hear some of his stories as well!

  3. Sandy, this is so exciting and you definitely deserve this! I can’t wait until April 15th.

    • Thanks so much for such encouragement, Kim. can’t deny it’s exciting!

  4. I can’t wait to read your book . I am so thrilled for you!!!! Determination is the name of the game. I applaud you!!! Hope to see you soon…

    • Kathi, it will be great fun to celebrate something I’ve spent so much of my time (and heart) creating. Thanks for the cheers!

  5. You are an inspiration, Sandy, and so is your book, Odin’s Promise. I can’t wait to hold the bound book in my hot little hands and also to share it with others.

    • That means so much to me, Christa, considering that you are one of the “midwives” who helped birth this book!

  6. Looking forward to attending one of your local celebrations! Congratulations!

  7. Sandy–I love this post–it is so you! I am very excited for you and amazed with all that’s on your plate, you had time to think of me…..I appreciate it so much, and all went well. Hope to see you at an upcoming “event”— keep us all posted.

    • Diane, I’ll always keep you in mind and I appreciate your constant support. See you soon, you betcha!

  8. Sandy, what can I say! This is fantastic and long over due!!! Can’t wait to see you at one of your appearances and to read Odin’s Promise. So proud that I had the chance to spend so many hours with you over the years soaking up your wisdom, but even proud I call you my Friend [:

    • Dawn, what a treat to have you stop by, and your excitement/support make my heart swell. Couldn’t agree more- friendship is a greater accomplishment than anything else in life. Thanks for being mine, and for sharing your wisdom (and laughter), too. Can’t wait to see you sometime soon.

  9. And it’s making me too want to jump and twist and boogey like the bot that accompanies this wonderful announcement, Sandy! We are all so excited for you!

    With every new post by you that I read, I get a better and deeper glimpse into the Sandy I have otherwise known only through the mails we’ve exchanged! You are such an inspiration! 🙂

    • Richa, your enthusiasm has me dancing and bogey-ing, too! I don’t know how it will happen with you living on the other side of the world, but I am convinced we will one day meet! Thank you for being my “virtual” and very real friend.

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