Book and Swag Giveaway: And the Winner Is…

Thank you to everyone who added a comment to my book-birthday announcement. A simple “Hello” would have entered you in the contest,  but I was touched by the support, encouragement, and kind words offered in the comments. I wish I could send each of you a copy of MARI’S HOPE, but… (See note at the end of this post about second chances!)

I often remind folks that they can support this book (or ANY book) by asking your local library service to stock it. Libraries always struggle with limited budgets, but if they know patrons who want to read a book, they find a way to get it and add it to circulation.

But enough suspense. By midnight Thursday there were seven comments. Here is my highly scientific and totally objective method for selection:

1) Write each name on an index card:

2) Shuffle the cards face-down, then place on the floor before waking up my dog and inviting him to join the fun.

3) The first card he touched was the winner.

Congratulations, AMY! Here’s a photo of the book and swag heading your way in the mail later today!

It’s a “Mari” pack- Moleskine journal, writing pens, a book to read, and a “discretely hidden” flag on a small coin bag. If you’re wondering WHERE I was able to find such a clever little bag, all credit goes to my talented sister, Cheri, who made them for me. Her sewing skills would have come in handy during wartime, but I’m happy she can use them for such joyful reasons instead.

So, tusen takk to all who added comments, to my loyal dog, and to my creative sister. And…


If you’re on GOODREADS, you can still win a free copy (of the BOOK, not just an advance copy). My editor, Philip Martin, has sponsored a weekly giveaway through the end of September. Here’s a link: MARI’S HOPE





5 Comments on “Book and Swag Giveaway: And the Winner Is…

      • Sorry, no, the books in the Odin’s Promise trilogy are not available in Norwegian. Yet.

        As publisher, I am starting to fish around for a Norwegian publisher who might be interested in Norwegian-language rights. If that happens, we’ll update here.


        Philip Martin, Editorial Director
        Crickhollow Books / Crispin Books

      • Jerrianne, sorry to say, no. The good news is that nearly all Norwegians speak English, although this would be challenging English for a younger student. My friends from Norway, especially young and avid readers, often say they prefer/enjoy reading novels in English. They’ve said it builds English vocabulary, figurative speech, etc. Thanks for asking, though. If anyone out there knows a Norwegian publisher who would like to release it in Norwegian translation, my publisher and I would would LOVE to hear from them.

    • Caught what you meant in the following comment and answered there. Thanks for checking!

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