Book Birthday: Door Prize Preview!

It’s exciting to hear from so many friends who hope to attend the book  birthday party for Odin’s Promise on April 24, 2014 at Norway House. (details here) My hard working, enthusiastic, classy friend Barbara has made huge contributions to the prep work for this party. Now she’s packaged up the door prizes to make sure they are even more appealing. This isn’t a raffle, just a chance for everyone who attends to enter for the prize of their choice and a chance to have their name drawn.


Party Door Prizes

Party Door Prizes


Check out the details below:

The Kitchen Package

The Kitchen Package

The Kitchen Package ” includes:

Towel/hot pad set

Chocolate-raspberry jam  and crackers

Scandinavian Sweet Treats cookbook

Sandbakkel Tins

Expert-made Norwegian Cookies

Book Package One

Book Package One

“Book Package One” includes:

Odin’s Promise

Snow Treasure, by Marie McSwigan

$10 Barnes and Noble gift card

Norwegian artist notecards

Book Package Two

Book Package Two

“Book Package Two” includes:

Odin’s Promise

Shadow on the Mountain, by Margi Preuss

Klipfish Code, by  Mary Casanova

Norwegian art notecards

Metal clip frame

party prize kids

“Kid Packages” (2 chances) include:

Odin’s Promise

Zip-it pencil case

Art pencils

Norway flag keychain

Friendship neck cord

So, here’s hoping you’ll make it to the party. It’s an even bigger hope that you, too, have the kind of friends in your lives who step forward to share their incredible talents when needed, as well as mirroring your enthusiasm and joys.  Thank you to Barbara for her party organizing, to Nancy for her master baking skills, and to so many others who I’ll mention in days to come.

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