Busy? Ja, You Betcha! Fun? Not As Much As Writing.

Inside Nordik Nook

Inside Nordik Nook

Since the spring hubbub, jazz-hands, crowded appearances, and other celebrations of the release, it took a few days for my adrenaline to return to normal. During that time I actually allowed myself to do as friends recommended- I soaked in the excitement and kind words, appreciating every single moment.

sunburnsBut, like basking on the beach in a warm climate, overexposure to the brightlghts can be dangerous for your health.

In this analogy, my writing health was at stake.

So, I came up for a breath of reality and worked on my  to-do list. Since then I’ve been steadily plugging away at it. That’s the “busy” part of the headline.

I reworked a picture book text because it was my turn to submit to my ever-helpful critique group. While they got down to business, I reworked another picture book text to send to a professional critique advisor. In both cases, as always,  the responses they provided were of greater value than even I have come to expect. When just a few more notes arrive, the fun resumes – finding the meat, the heart, the truth in my work and their notes to make the best possible picture book text I can create.

slush pileThen, those two offspring will be dressed in their best and sent out into the cold cruel world of publishing. There, agents and editors dig their way out from under piles of all the other beautifully dressed candidates waiting to be found and loved.

First, though, I moved on to reorganize the research sources I’d used in the many years leading up to the actual publication of ODIN’S PROMISE. There were many (seriously, COUNTLESS) notes, sticky papers, dogeared corners, and stacks of books to cull through. The resources I had valued but not used in this book just might find their way into a possible follow-on book.

notes and books

With that in mind I headed back to my trusty computer and search engine to check out other resources. WHY?  For additional material, of course,  on topics related to those nuggets of history in the ensuing years of occupation.  Books ordered – check. Several have arrived and been read, resulting in even more notes, dog-ears, sticky papers, and stacks. Still others call to me from the stack. I did enjoy many moments of fun while reading and gathering details. Picture Chip ‘n’ Dale, chuckling and giddy, rolling loads of acorns down a limb until they land in a massive pile. That would be me, my notes, my books.

Back to the busy part of the title… doing the work necessary to open more doors for those bright, celebratory moments. Several events and meetings have been booked, (check here), other inquiries are awaiting responses, and many potentials need further exploration.

writerI hope this doesn’t sound like whining or complaining. These are remarkably GOOD things happening in my life, and I embrace them. It’s just that I’m getting my first-ever glimpse of the tug-of-war so often described by other authors. I’ll figure it all out, in time. For now, though, I’m heading back to those two picture book texts to submerge myself in writing. I’ll keep you posted on progress, soon.

Right now, though, I need to write.

It’s who I am.

See ya’ later!







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