Catching My Breath: Grateful for Such Support


Updated list of reviews, interviews, including links to giveaways through May 25, 2014.

Even though I’m still digging out from under the tasks I set aside during recent weeks, I’m rarely doing so without a smile on my face. That’s because I feel the constant glow of support from the recent party, emails, calls, and other contacts. The warmth with which Odin’s Promise has been welcomed to the world is not only heartwarming, it truly surprises me. After years and years of steeling myself for rejection letters and “not quite right”s, it’s almost too hard to believe.


I’ve been feeling the same about the  virtual support I’ve received through the amazing cyber-world of children’s literature. I shared individual links as reviews, guest posts, and interviews appeared in the past couple of weeks. Now I want to thank those hosts (and cheerleaders) in one place.

April 21 – Erik at

April 21- Suzanne Warr Review

April 22- Guest post/Rochelle Melander

April 28- Suzanne Warr interview

April 29- Alex Bough

April 30- Margo Tanenbaum interview

May 1- Heidi Grange

May 6- Nerdy Book Club Blog -guest post

May 8- Renee Cromier  (MotherBaughterBookReviews) includes a giveaway through May 25

May 13- From the Mixed Up Files (interviewed by Amie Borst) includes a giveaway through May 19.

June 14, Kid Lit Frenzy (Guest post on Alyson Beecher’s valuable blog space) 

August 11, Teaching Authors (Guest post, hosted by JoAnn Early Macken)

August 13, Writing Workout- SUBTEXT (Guest post, Teaching Authors Blog)   


If you’ve been buried under must-do tasks, too, I hope you’ll come back to this list when you have time and click on each post. In every case these are blogs I follow, respect, and learn from with each post they share. It’s a privilege to join their space, and I urge you to follow their posts, too. You’ll find your to-be-read lists and piles growing, and that’s always a good thing!

Compact, strong, and ready for anything, right?

I can just imagine Odin’s tail wagging at the welcome he’s received!

From Odin, Mari, and me…

to Erik, Rochelle, Suzanne, Alex, Heidi, Margo,

the Nerdy Book Club Crew (Colby), JoAnn, and Alyson, 


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    • And they couldn’t have found a better friend! Tusen takk!

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