Special Waukesha Event for Children’s BOOK WEEK!

On Saturday, May 6, at 2:00, I’ll join talented artist/illustrator INGRID KALLICK at Martha Merrell’s Books and Toys in Historic Downtown Waukesha. Our program is titled: TROLLS AND OTHER TROUBLEMAKERS from NORWAY. Ingrid will share insights to her… Read More

Limited Time Special Pricing on eBooks!

Even though there’s been a lull in news recently, I’m finally getting out and about to various events and gatherings. HOORAY! I’ll be posting some updates about those and future events here and in my newsletter in coming… Read More

Getting Back On My Feet, Literally!

The past two months have been frustrating to me, because of a broken leg.   Oh, it would be nice to attribute this situation to something dramatic or colorful or even interesting. Sorry, but no such story exists…. Read More

Updates. An Important Date. Undaunted

UPDATE… A quick note here, responding to the question I’ve heard often during the holidays and the start of the new year. “When will the next book be out?” The final book in the Norwegian resistance trilogy has undergone… Read More

Holiday (and Everyday) Gratitude

I’ve been “missing in action” here for several months, for a variety of reasons.  All good ones.   The launch of BJORN’S GIFT has been a wonderful experience. First and foremost, I’ve been relieved to hear positive reactions from… Read More

Counting Down to Launch Events- October 1 and 2

This is just a quick update about the pending release of BJORN’S GIFT.  The official release date is October 5, but this week included a special surprise: That means I’m all set to join artist/friend INGRID KALLICK in… Read More

News Keeps Coming…and It’s All Good!

When the time came to send BJORN’S GIFT into the “cold cruel world” I reminded myself that:  a) Readers are NOT “cold, cruel” people. b) Readers of ODIN’S PROMISE  wanted this book; they already cared about Mari, her… Read More

Norway Wasn’t Too Small (Irene L. Berman): A Review

I hope you’ll  take a few minutes to read my review of a recent novel for teens and adults, NORWAY WASN’T TOO SMALL: A Fact-Based Novel  About Darkness and Survival by Irene Levin Berman. While writing my own books I… Read More

New (Virtual) Friends: Kid Book Reviewers

  The world of “kid lit”, books for young readers, is overflowing with the most generous, open, and enthusiastic people on the planet. That may sound like an opinion, but I’m convinced it’s a fact. These people devote… Read More

Save the Date: Book Birthday party for Bjorn’s Gift

What do you do on a Sunday afternoon in Wisconsin when the Green Bay Packers have a BYE week? Have a  BOOK BIRTHDAY PARTY! That’s Sunday, October 2, at 2:00. Refreshments Door prizes Save the date and come… Read More