Happy Book-iversary to ME! Tusen Takk to YOU!

MAY 17 is SYTTENDE MAI Norway’s Constitution Day  Click the date to see how Stoughton, Wisconsin will be celebrating. Meanwhile, I’m celebrating right here, along with my publisher, Crispin/Crickhollow Books. It was just four years ago, on May… Read More

Happy Holidays… God Jul!

    If you’re looking for some light reading to relax amid the stressess of the season, take a look at my new tab, FROM THE CUTTING ROOM FLOOR. It offers some “discarded” passages and chapters that I’ve… Read More

Celebrating the Trilogy: A Gift from the Cutting Room Floor!

This year marked the release of the third and final title in my Norway trilogy, one that I never intended to write. My original goal was to share with readers some of the surprising and inspiring history of… Read More

Thanks, and Giving!

              And the winner is… SPOONER MEMORIAL LIBRARY nominated by EVA APELQVIST I’ll be in touch later today, Eva, so these books can reach you and the library by next week!  Thanks… Read More

Book and Swag Giveaway: And the Winner Is…

Thank you to everyone who added a comment to my book-birthday announcement. A simple “Hello” would have entered you in the contest,  but I was touched by the support, encouragement, and kind words offered in the comments. I… Read More

Welcome to the World, MARI’S HOPE!

Grab your  party hats and noisemakers! I’m not wound up from excessive sugar consumption. No, but I AM experiencing a wild buzz from the reality of completing a trilogy- one that began with my hopes of writing a… Read More

Counting Down the Hours: Mari’s Hope Releases 9/5/17!

As I write this I’m also shuffling various last minute details, working to assure a successful launch and “book birthday” celebration   for MARI’S HOPE. That’s only hours away, on September 5, 2017. I hope you’ll check back… Read More

It’s a Book Birthday Party… No, TWO Parties!

What could possibly be better than a birthday party? Hmmm … TWO book birthday parties?Since the publication of MARI’S HOPE marks the conclusion of a trilogy I never expected to write, I couldn’t resist celebrating in unexpected ways…. Read More

Mari’s Hope Is Coming Soon: September Book-Birthday!

Announcing the upcoming release of MARI’S HOPE is both satisfying and exciting. SO exciting! Did I say exciting? Well, it is, and I’m also excited to share many more details and updates  in the next few days and weeks…. Read More

History, Fiction, and World War II

ODIN’S PROMISE was the result of a process that spanned many years. The original urge to write stories of Norway during the German occupation came from visits to Ytre Arna. During those visits I had the joyful privilege… Read More