Celebrating the Trilogy: A Gift from the Cutting Room Floor!

This year marked the release of the third and final title in my Norway trilogy, one that I never intended to write. My original goal was to share with readers some of the surprising and inspiring history of Norway’s German occupation during World War Two. My writing journey from that original inspiration through to the release of Odin’s Promise spanned decades of research, writing, revision, and repeated restarts. I celebrated launching that debut novel in 2014, satisfied to have met my goal and expecting to resume other writing. 

I was thrilled (and more than a bit intimidated) by the many readers who insisted there would be a sequel. Of course, I was deeply flattered. It’s no small thing for a writer to produce characters and story lines that connect deeply with readers, so I was determined to give a sequel my best effort. I dug into research, gathered more anecdotes from survivors, and began writing more of Mari’s life story as I imagined her in the context of four increasingly difficult years of occupation. That attempted sequel became two books, which allowed Mari to grow into her teens and face a free world when the war finally ended Norway’s occupation.

Reaching that unintended landmark in 2017 and having the additional books warmly received by readers and reviewers is something I never could have imagined. It deserves a celebration, don’t you agree?

So, I offered a giveaway of the full trilogy in a previous post. Eva Apelqvist nominated Spooner Memorial Library, which was the randomly selected winner.

Congratulations to Spooner Library and thank you to all who participated. It was wonderful to read about the many libraries and schools that meet the needs of readers and inspire enthusiasm for literacy. If you missed them, I urge you to read some of the wonderful post comments HERE.

In that same spirit of celebration, I took time to work on another project that had been shuffled aside for far too long. I added a tab to this website labeled: FROM THE CUTTING ROOM FLOOR. During decades of writing this trilogy, there are bits and passages of writing that never made it through to the final books. Check out the new page by clicking HERE to learn more about this new tab. If the excerpts interest you, click and download to read some of the chapters and passages I was writing along the journey to a complete trilogy. I chose some that I enjoyed too much to simply hit the delete key. 

Happy holidays to one and all, with TUSEN TAKK (a thousand thanks) for making the last few years such exciting and happy ones for me. Hope you enjoy the unused passages and realize I was always working toward the best possible books I could write for you.


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