Counting Down the Hours: Mari’s Hope Releases 9/5/17!

As I write this I’m also shuffling various last minute details, working to assure a successful launch and “book birthday” celebration   for MARI’S HOPE. That’s only hours away, on September 5, 2017. I hope you’ll check back to this page tomorrow (or any day from the 5th onward) to celebrate with me. 

It’s exciting to share the fun of releasing a book I never expected to write, concluding a trilogy I never expected to write. There will be giveaways and news  about my fall line-up of appearances and other events. If you haven’t subscribed to this news tab, there’s an easy email sign-up in the right sidebar. (It’s equally easy to unsubscribe, if you give it a try and then change your mind.)

I’m thrilled (and relieved) to report that early readers of advance copies of MARI’S HOPE have been enthusiastic. Several are bloggers who will take part in a “virtual”  tour of interviews and reviews, beginning on September 5. 

Here’s the list (with links) for the posts that are scheduled, so far:

9/5 Rochelle Melander- Author interview

9/6/Rosemary Kiladitis

9/7 Trisha Perry

9/11 Jenni Enzor   MMGM

9/12 Stephanie Lowden

9/18 Suzanne Warr

9/20 Alex Baugh

I’m so very grateful to these friends, in real life and virtually. I appreciate their support of my work, of course, and the many recommendations and insights they share about wonderful books for young readers. 

After you have a chance to read MARI’S HOPE I invite you to share your thoughts, too, at Amazon (you don’t have to buy the book there), on Goodreads, or on your social media outlets.

Now, it’s back to work for me. Thanks so much for stopping by!


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