Fun, Fiction, and New Friends

Cafe.1.I knew as soon as I set foot inside this gorgeous New Berlin school that my welcome would be every bit as warm and bright as the  building itself.

I was looking forward to spending a full day  with sixth grade writers, working together on ways to make historical fiction as strong and appealing as possible.

What I found when I arrived were highly motivated, enthusiastic, focused, and talented writers. Take a look for yourselves:

writers.1 writers.2 writers.3 writers.5 Writing workshop

Their stories were well-anchored in history, ranging from the Revolutionary War to the era of slavery to the Holocaust to Pearl Harbor. The comprehensive instruction they’d received before my visit resulted in stories filled with heart, action, historic details, flashbacks, and compelling fictional characters living through troubled times and circumstances. 

I enjoyed every minute of my visit and only wished i could have conferenced with every student there. Talking with them about their drafts and their intentions provided me with fresh ideas, too, and I’d welcome any of them as partners in my own writing life. 

HF.Revise notesDeepest thanks to Ms. Bruins and the other teachers for the invitation, and to the young writers who willingly shared their  work with me. That requires a high level of confidence and trust, plus a willingness to learn. All those valuable writerly qualities were shared in abundance on a day I won’t forget. Tusen Takk!

2 Comments on “Fun, Fiction, and New Friends

  1. This is so fantastic, Sandy! The students were so lucky to have you. I love that you learned so much from them, too!

  2. Dear Sandy, What a beautiful school and how exciting for you to talk to these well taught sixth graders and share their ideas and writings.

    Does Tusen takk mean many thanks? My Mom said that a lot.

    Thanks for sharing your day and lots of love to you. Gerri

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