Getting Back On My Feet, Literally!

The past two months have been frustrating to me, because of a broken leg.  

Oh, it would be nice to attribute this situation to something dramatic or colorful or even interesting. Sorry, but no such story exists.

The sad truth is that I was putting on my shoes and lost my balance, in my own carpeted hallway. The audible C-R-A-C-K! clued me in that this time it was not “just” a bad sprain. An X-ray, one that even I could read, showed why it would take eight weeks instead of six to heal. And it was my right leg, which meant no driving, even after I was off crutches. Quick edit here: I get the final word on Friday this week, so I hope I’m not counting chickens (or toes) before they hatch.)


During those eight weeks I had to cancel appearances and volunteering at a half dozen events. It was the first time in a decade that I missed out on one particular favorite, the annual WISCONSIN STATE READING CONFERENCE.

But I survived, and I send my deepest gratitude to ALL who have helped me deal with daily needs, like walking the dog and grocery shopping, as well as those who have shuttled me to appointments, schlepped books and supplies to  substitutes at those events, and to all the well-wishers who offered to do even more, if needed. 

My difficulty in the past two months would have quickly become a disaster if not for such generous friendships. But my time on one foot has finally expired!

On Saturday I’ll be joining others at the First Annual Author Fair at New Berlin Public Library. So, if you’re in the area on Saturday, please join me and an array of other outstanding authors to talk about books! I’ll bring the cookies!



8 Comments on “Getting Back On My Feet, Literally!

    • Thanks, Kathi.
      Final appointment is still Friday, but I’m counting on good news. Not kicking up my heels, mind you, but getting into my car and driving to this fun event. If the news is disappointing I still plan to make this event one way or the other. Cabin fever can only go on so long. I appreciate the good wishes- keep ’em coming!

  1. So glad you are back to normal (?)! That cast on your leg was quite the contraption! Bet you are glad that thing is off! Now be sure to take more time tying your shoes or –get velcro!

    • I’m not sure I’ve ever traveled the path of “normal”, Diane, but I’ll take the good wishes, with thanks. I’m still booted until Friday, so i hope this didn’t jinx my results.
      I wanted to get the news out that I’d be at New Berlin Library on Saturday, so I hope to see a few folks who are overdue for hugs that day!

  2. The very best to you with doctor on Friday and wish I could be at your book signing…..

    • Thanks, Gail. I’m pretty confident that the bone has healed, even if I need to keep t wrapped or otherwise supported for a few more weeks. I just need to be able to drive and get out into the world again! Thanks so much for the good wishes, and I’ll picture you there on Saturday, smiling away! As a librarian, you’d enjoy this gathering, I’m sure.

  3. Great that you are back on your feet! Well wishes that all continues to go well!! Enjoy Saturday!

    • Thanks so much, Nancy. It’s been reassuring to know I could call on you if needed. No plans to “kick up my heels”, but inside I’ll be doing a wild and crazy boogey!

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