Happy Book-iversary to ME! Tusen Takk to YOU!


Norway’s Constitution Day 

Click the date to see how Stoughton, Wisconsin will be celebrating. Meanwhile, I’m celebrating right here, along with my publisher, Crispin/Crickhollow Books. It was just four years ago, on May 17, 2014, when ODIN’S PROMISE first launched, followed by BJORN’S GIFT (2016) and MARI’S HOPE (2017). This week the eBook version of the concluding book is now available for those who prefer to read digitally. 

To celebrate the conclusion of this final step in my Norway historical trilogy, the publisher is offering a LIMITED TIME eBook discount on the original book, ODIN’S PROMISE. From May 12  to May 20, the digital version costs only $0.99.

Click HERE for all digital versions of ODIN’S PROMISE. Or click HERE for an Amazon/Kindle-only version.

Click HERE for all digital versions of MARI’S HOPE. Or click HERE for an Amazon-Kindle-only version.

Now that business is out of the way, I’d also like to share a few bits of news and updates. 

For anyone who asks why it matters to read (and write) stories with deep emotions and intense perspectives for young readers, here’s a link to a powerful post on the Lee & Low blog. I hope you’ll read it and share it.

Here’s another little addition to celebrate this book-iversary. I’ve added another “outtake” from the cutting room floor. This is a scene that didn’t make the final book, one involving an imagined encounter between Mari and  Goatman in the forest.  You can read  and download it on the From the Cutting Room Floor tab.

And that about does it, except to say I’ve mailed another newsletter and invite you to subscribe over there on the right margin, if you haven’t already. 

Now, it’s back to writing… and more on that later.



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