Holiday (and Everyday) Gratitude

I’ve been “missing in action” here for several months, for a variety of reasons. 

All good ones.


The launch of BJORN’S GIFT has been a wonderful experience. First and foremost, I’ve been relieved to hear positive reactions from readers of ODIN’S PROMISE. Visits to bookstores, special events, and other promotions allowed me to meet lovely folks, many of whom shared personal or family stories of Norway’s occupation years. 

Of course, preparations for the holidays absorbed much of my time in the past weeks:

With packages wrapped and shipped, the tree lights glowing, and snow falling on cue, it’s time to pause and say THANK YOU. That’s why I managed to put together an end-of-year newsletter before kicking back and relaxing. If you haven’t signed-up for email delivery of my newsletter, it’s easy to do. Just slide your eyes to the right margin and add your email. I promise they won’t arrive often, but it’s the best way to make sure you learn about news: book releases and events, giveaways, special offers, etc.

And THANK YOU, for reading this, for supporting and encouraging me, and for reading– anything and everything. 



One Comment on “Holiday (and Everyday) Gratitude

  1. Dear Sandy, Thank you for the nice email and yes you have been very busy.
    I too have been so busy but things are finally done.
    Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you ,Colby and Kaffee, Love Gerri

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