Join Me at the 2015 Scandinavian Festival!

September 23, 2015

I’m delighted to report that I’ll return to the annual Scandinavian Festival in New Berlin, Wisconsin, on Saturday, October 3.

scan.fiddlers-150x150Last year I met so many incredibly interesting and fun people, sampled fabulous (and authentic) foods, and enjoyed outstanding entertainment.

Why wouldn’t I want to return?


If you’ve visited any Scandinavian country this will take you back for a few hours. If you’ve never been, but longed for a trip, travel just around the corner and indulge in a mini-visit. I guarantee it will whet your appetite further and make those “some day” travel plans more likely to develop.

I wrote about the visit last year, including how thrilled I was to hear so many personal and family-based stories about the occupation years in Norway. (Here). I’m counting on more of the same this year and look forward to friendly visits throughout the day. Fragments of those anecdotes have been woven throughout the sequel I worked on this year.

I’ll have plenty of copies of ODIN’S PROMISE for interested readers and holiday gift buyers. Since last year at this time, my debut historical novel won a GOLD MEDAL for children’s fiction, so the covers of the books will sport some shiny new bling! 

And, if all goes well, I just might have some exciting news to share that day.


2 Comments on “Join Me at the 2015 Scandinavian Festival!

  1. Dear Sandy I am so happy you are writing 2 new books and you put your heart and soul into them. I feel I am there with the characters in Norway.

    • Gerri, I can always count on you to cheer for anything I do, and your support is always welcome. Hope to see you at the festival, too, and thanks for being such a dear friend.

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