Limited Time Special Pricing on eBooks!

Even though there’s been a lull in news recently, I’m finally getting out and about to various events and gatherings. HOORAY!

I’ll be posting some updates about those and future events here and in my newsletter in coming weeks, but this just can’t wait. Both ODIN’S PROMISE and BJORN’S GIFT are currently available in digital formats on additional platforms. This includes a temporary promotional DEEP DISCOUNT:

Special eBook pricing through 4/23:

ODIN’S PROMISE @ 99 cents:


After 4/23 the digital pricing reverts to 4.99 each.

Before you close here and click over to the links to check out our special pricing, please consider signing up for the newsletter. (Right there, at the top of the right margin on this page.) I promise I won’t flood your email inbox, since these newsletters are quarterly-ish, but we’re getting closer all the time to updates about the final book in this Norway trilogy, MARI’S HOPE. You won’t want to miss those details, like a release date, preview of the cover, and more.  Thanks!



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