Mari’s Hope Is Coming Soon: September Book-Birthday!

Announcing the upcoming release of MARI’S HOPE is both satisfying and exciting. SO exciting! Did I say exciting?

Well, it is, and I’m also excited to share many more details and updates  in the next few days and weeks. For now, before the book is even available, I want to thank multi-talented and very busy Kathleen Spale for creating another gorgeous cover to compete this trilogy:

In addition, HUGE thanks (tusen takk) are due to those very busy authors who took time to thoughtfully read and offer encouraging words about this conclusion to Mari’s story. I’m particularly pleased to say that the following notes came from authors who had not yet read the earlier titles. They endorsed my belief and intent that this book can stand on its own as a worthy read for those  who are new to the series. I hope many readers in that situation who find this title will take a chance on it, even if they are unfamiliar with the earlier titles in the trilogy.

From Ellen Schwartz, author of HEART OF A CHAMPION:

“Mari’s Hope illuminates an important slice of history through a gripping story featuring an intrepid character.”

From Michelle Houts, author of WINTERFROST:

Mari’s Hope transports readers to the cold, hard landscape of wartime Norway as a brave, young heroine faces the cruel reality of oppression to join the resistance and do whatever it takes it save her family and her country.”

Author and historian Peggy Reiff Miller  is the author of the historical picture book SEAGOING COWBOYS. Peggy read the earlier titles and had this to say:

MARI’S HOPE provides a satisfying conclusion to the challenges faced by Mari and her family as they work to save their beloved Norway in the final years of World War II. Historical fiction is so important for helping to understand the mistakes of the past so we don’t repeat them.”

That’s about as much excitement as I can handle for the moment. I hope you’ll want to come along for the ride as I share further details here. That will include book parties, blog tour links, and more. If you haven’t already done so, consider subscribing (see right sidebar) to have these posts delivered to your email inbox.

I invite you to sign up for my newsletter, too. I promised I wouldn’t flood your inbox if you subscribed, and I’ve kept that promise. As all of these last minute details came together I’ve resisted creating a new issue for each tidbit. Instead, I’ll be sending out the latest newsletter within a few days and it will be jam-packed with details and a personal message from me. I hope you’ll want to read it.

For now, thank you for being out there as readers, supporters, and willing partners in this exciting release.

Spoiler alert: World War II eventually ends in this final book!







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