Mt. Horeb Art Fair: Join Me at Open House Imports!

On Saturday July 18 Mt. Horeb, WI (On the Trollway!) hosts its 44th annual SUMMER ART FAIR. You can find directions and  more details here.

The basics include:

Saturday, 9am-5pm and Sunday, 10am-4pm.
Annual art fair on Mount Horeb’s historic main street. The Trollway showcases fine artists & crafters from around the Midwest. Experience Norwegian culture, friendly atmosphere, food, silent art action, music and downtown amenities.

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 10.06.55 PMI’m honored to be a guest author at OPEN HOUSE IMPORTS, one of those downtown amenities you won’t want to miss. I’ll be there from 10:30-2:00, which gives me a bit of time to check out the fair! 

Kaffe Stu

High on my list of stops is the annual KAFFE STUE (Coffee/luncheon) sponsored by SONS OF NORWAY. Lefse, rommegrot, sand-bakkle, smorbrod, sotsuppe and more!

I can’t think of any better way to spend a Saturday in July! If you do, stop by to say hello!




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