New (Virtual) Friends: Kid Book Reviewers


The world of “kid lit”, books for young readers, is overflowing with the most generous, open, and enthusiastic people on the planet. That may sound like an opinion, but I’m convinced it’s a fact.fact opinion

These people devote time, energy, creativity, and enthusiasm to reading, writing, discussing, recommending, editing, illustrating, teaching and learning about books for tots to teens. As a result they  are immersed in oceans of love, truth, humor, heart, and curiosity on a daily basis, which spills out into and onto everyone they encounter.

I’m reminded of that on a daily basis when I read blogs (and add to my library hold list), learn of book donations to flooded schools in Louisiana, receive helpful notes from a critique partner, and read reminders about the amazing opportunities to learn and grow at an upcoming conference. As I prepare for the release of Bjorn’s Gift I’m even more aware of the support from all sides. 

In this case I’m referring to my new virtual friends, the young sibling reviewers Olivia and Oscar. They have been so generous in their support, not only hosting a two-book giveaway, but also asking for an interview. This one was especially fun for me because their questions took me back to some nearly buried reading and writing memories. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed my conversation with them.

Thank you, Olivia and Oscar, for this fun interview. (here)

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