News Keeps Coming…and It’s All Good!

When the time came to send BJORN’S GIFT into the “cold cruel world” I reminded myself that: 

a) Readers are NOT “cold, cruel” people.

b) Readers of ODIN’S PROMISE  wanted this book; they already cared about Mari, her family, and her village. They would start on page one WANTING to like it. 

What’s the worst thing that could happen?

Disappointing readers is just about THE WORST THING an author can do- at least this author. Which is why my knees were knocking and I was popping antacids as advance copies went out to bloggers and reviewers. With a bit of further worrying I realized that readers might harbor a teensy bit of the same concern… that they’d waited two years for this book and it wasn’t worth the wait. It turns out some did have those a worries, even if they didn’t want to admit it. 

But Suzanne Warr, honest and upright woman that she is, did admit it, in this review.(Here) Even so, she and others have been truly gracious in their reactions and reviews so far, which has cut down my antacid consumption considerably.

As the official release date nears, plans for appearances, book signings, and the  book-launch party continue. (Think c upcakes.) As a bonus, I’m extra-excited to be joining artist Ingrid Kallick at OPEN HOUSE IMPORTS in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin for their FALL HERITAGE FESTIVAL. Here’s hoping some of you will be there, too!





2 Comments on “News Keeps Coming…and It’s All Good!

  1. Don’t worry Sandy everything will go great. I have so much confidence in you and your writing and Odin’s Promise was so good and exciting and I know Bjorn’s Gift will continue the excitement with the same warm characters as they continue their lives in Norway.
    I wish you well and can’t wait to talk to you.
    Love Gerri

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