Norway House, Here We Come!

Tomorrow (Thursday) is the Book Birthday party at Norway House. (Details here) The location couldn’t be a more perfect match for this story, and I’m thrilled that it was available. Norway House is a busy place. It is used regularly for Sons of  Norway events, rented for events by a wide range of other organizations, and is also booked for wedding receptions, parties, and events like the Rosemaling Show.  The Sons of Norway Lodge also offers scheduled public events that are very popular. One of these is their fabulous TORSK SUPPER, which is  not lutefisk, but boiled cod. They offer this eight times a year, and the last opportunity until fall will be Saturday, April 26. 

6653570_origNorway house


Here’s the buffet menu:

Boiled Cod Fish

Norwegian Meatballs

Boiled Potatoes

Cranberry Sauce

Pickled Beets

Flat Bread, Desssert, and Coffee

If all my talk about Norwegian culture, food, and hospitality has you interested, click the link for details and ENJOY!

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