Odin’s Promise – Book Trailer

st nickIt’s St. Nick’s Eve, and I’ll celebrate by sharing this initial attempt at a book trailer for ODIN’S PROMISE. It sets the scene for Mari’s story to unfold. I hope readers not already familiar with the advance of Hitler’s troops across Europe will gain a glimpse of what it was like to have an idyllic and secure life endangered overnight.

Thoughts and reactions are welcome. Suggestions for other trailer ideas are also welcome!

Here is the book trailer I created for Odin’s Promise.

Speaking of St. Nick, the Kindle countdown offering  downloads of the eBook version of ODIN’S PROMISE is available for 99 cents instead of the regular price of $4.99 until MIDNIGHT, DECEMBER 6. EXPIRED, sorry!

Stay tuned (in the months ahead, so don’t hold your breath) for another trailer, likely including an author interview!


And happy St.Nick’s weekend, everyone!


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