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Norway Resistance Museum



Norway’s Home Front Museum Image from Wikipedia

 “The Norwegian Resistance Museum in Oslo offers exhibits and a library/archive. It is Norway’s leading institution on the history of the Nazi occupation. The museum is open all year.
 Guided tours are available by appointment for schools, groups and companies.
 The department of archives and documentation has specialized literature, other printed matter, a collection of manuscripts and archive materials available to the public.”
Why am I posting this little nugget of information? Because for weeks now I’ve been ears-deep in research,  reading about the various resistance efforts in Norway during the long occupation by Germany. When I occasionally surface and interact with others interested in this topic, I’ve heard repeatedly about this museum, its knowledgeable docents, and the remarkable artifacts it houses.
I certainly don’t expect to be there in person any time soon, but the hearty endorsements of those who have been lend confidence to my urging anyone who has the opportunity to visit it to do so. Allow plenty of time, and prepare to ask questions. I’ve been told that it’s not at all unusual to encounter locals whose families were directly or indirectly involved, and they are most eager to relate their own family tales.
For now, it’s back to the books for me.
By the way, the website is undergoing some redesign. If you have thoughts, suggestions, or reactions to this work-in-progress, send  ’em on! 

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  1. Can you help or please point me in the right direction. My brother was with the British Army and was wounded in Norway in May 1940. The international red cross informed me he was captured at VESNOS but I am unable to find this on a map of Norway. My brother was a wounded POW in Stalag llD and then arrived at Stalag XXA on the 25th May 1940. He died back home years later still with the bullet in him but his wounds were deep emotional wounds and he never recovered fully.His battalion was 1st York and Lancaster his army number was 4747084

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