Sequel Update: Good News- DOUBLED!

In my previous writing update (HERE), I summarized the research and writing that has consumed me for the past year.

Considering the decades I invested trying to find my way into the characters and story of ODIN’S PROMISE, a year doesn’t seem like such a long time, does it? Here’s how it breaks down: I spent a huge chunk of the summer of 2014 on  research about the remaining years of occupation, then dedicated less than a year to writing and revising a sequel.

I am delighted- no





-to share this news:

My writing produced not a sequel but TWO BOOKS, turning Odin’s Promise into a trilogy, with the second book published in 2016 and the final book within a year after that!

I was trying to write a sequel, I really was. But the more I wrote the more I realized that Mari had too much to say for one book. After all, by the time the German occupation of Norway ended she would have grown from barely twelve to more than sixteen years old. The only way I could find to share her stories, to explore the changes she faced inside herself and in her occupied country, was to write a TWO-PART sequel.

So, I scrapped the sequel I was working on and started over.

I had no guarantee it would be published, but I was committed to writing Mari’s story as fully as I imagined she might tell it. 

twobooks.imageAnd, happy news, my editor at Crickhollow/Crispin Books, Philip Martin, wants to publish both books!

Book Two picks up Mari’s story just a few months after her brother Bjorn leaves to join the mountain fighters and continues through to Christmas (Jul) of 1942. During that time she  is twelve and thirteen years old. The release date will be some time in the first half of 2016.

Book Three continues Mari’s story of surviving and resisting the occupation from age fourteen through sixteen. it will release within a year of Book Two.

Stay tuned for details as they become available. My deepest thanks go out to readers who asked for more, who wished me luck, who believed in me. This would never have happened without your caring and confidence.





15 Comments on “Sequel Update: Good News- DOUBLED!

  1. SOOOO excited and happy for you! And I can’t wait to read them…over and over again! Congratulations!!

    • Thanks for your never-ending support, and for the congratulations. Can’t wait to see if you enjoy it/them. Hope so!

  2. I feel your real passion and I am so pleased.. Can,t wait to read your next book.

  3. I appreciate you popping in with encouragement and sharing the fun. Anticipation is great, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it!

  4. Wow! Can’t wait to read more of Mari’s incredible story! The best part is that I here your voice in every word. Congratulations!!!!

    • Dawn, thanks for the encouragement and support. You’re such a great friend, and I’m excited to see what you think of it/them!

  5. SANDY!!!! I’m so happy for you! Guess this is going to keep you off the streets and out of trouble for a while!

    • Hmmm, I thought you knew me better than that, Anne! I’ll be getting into plenty of trouble, but with a huge smile on my face! Thanks for the good wishes and shared happiness.

      • Dear Sandy I am so excited about your new books and you put your heart and soul into your books. I feel like I am there in Norway with your characters.

    • Thanks so much! Looking forward to seeing all of you, and for the book eventually seeing the light of day!

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