Sharing a New Year’s Message

It’s been far too long since I’ve added any news here. Life has been busy, and that includes loads of writing of many kinds, including regular posts about picture books on my blog, manuscript writing on various topics and for various audiences, writing in my volunteer work, and writing critiques for others in my groups. Along with that usually “stay-at-home-writer” life, I have been attending various community and outreach events, which I mention in my occasional newsletters. And I’m ALWAYS reading, in every category and for every age group.

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For this new year, I’d like to share a quote from the annual speech of Norway’s KING HARALD:

“As adults, we carry a special responsibility for the way in which we interact with each other. Children and young people learn from what adults do and say. We, through our behavior, convey what is acceptable. Therefore, we must behave properly towards each other.

We need to talk about and to each other in the way that we want our children to take with them throughout their lives. Therefore, from time to time, we have to carefully think things over.”

This is from the translation if his speech by Lori Ann Reinhall. You can read her full translation in the Norwegian American News in this link. I hope you will, and it won’t take long.

If you’re like me and enjoy reading widely, especially if you read to and with children, check out some of my favorite picture books with stories that share this message in the best possible way: through heartwarming stories. You can link here, and if you enjoy the post, consider subscribing there, too.

Meanwhile, I’ll get back to work and try not to neglect these updates in the years ahead.  May the the year ahead be kind to you, and may we all think before we speak and act, in big and small ways. Happy 2019!


2 Comments on “Sharing a New Year’s Message

    • Thanks for stopping by. I’m pleased you found the Norwegian American to be interesting. I really enjoy reading it. I shared the message/link on my FB page, too, and had several replies (in comments and messages) saying it would be nice to hear such a direct and encouraging message from our own leadership. Have to agree.
      I tried a bit of the Iceland tradition myself this past Christmas, since my “Eve” was decently undemanding, and I settled in with a stack of books and just relaxed. It was a joyous blessing. Hope your new year allows you at least a few days like that, too.

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