Sharing the Love… and an Invitation to Join Me!

It’s been barely a week since MARI’S HOPE released, and I can’t resist sharing some of what people are saying about it (and thanking those lovely folks!) 

For links to the full blog posts and interviews, so far, you can check out links on my post on the book birthday, here.

I’m genuinely grateful to those who read an advance copy and chose to review it at all, but even more thrilled at the wonderful welcome they’ve given to this book. Some specific lines that relieved my deepest worries about this final book include: 

From Stephanie Lowden, at In Mari’s Hope… author Sandy Brehl has deftly managed to add mystery and suspense into a story whose historical conclusion we all know.”

From Jenni Enzor, at“In the vein of those beloved classics is a modern series that has the same effect on me. In the Odin’s Promise series, Mari, a girl resisting the Nazis during the Norwegian occupation, is a valiant successor to my favorite characters of old.”

From Rosemary Kiladitis, at “The Odin’s Promise trilogy is a gorgeously written series of books that take us into a part of World War II history we don’t often hear about.”

From Olivia at “Overall, one of my favorite World War II books, and an incredible ending to this series.”

The official Launch event for Mari’s Hope will be Thursday evening, Sept. 14, at 7:00 at the amazing BOSWELL BOOK COMPANY in Milwaukee. I hope to see old friends there, make news ones, and share the story behind the creation of this trilogy.  If you’re not able to come, will you pass the news on to others? There will be refreshments and a raffle, too!





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