Special Waukesha Event for Children’s BOOK WEEK!

On Saturday, May 6, at 2:00, I’ll join talented artist/illustrator INGRID KALLICK at Martha Merrell’s Books and Toys in Historic Downtown Waukesha. Our program is titled: TROLLS AND OTHER TROUBLEMAKERS from NORWAY.

Ingrid will share insights to her illustrations in the recent  (gorgeous) picture book release, TWO TROLL TALES FROM NORWAY. She’ll discuss her understanding of traditional trolls in Norwegian culture from research and family heritage. She’s planning to do some live sketching, too, and will be offering for sale various pieces from her portfolio as fine art cards and prints.

I’ll follow her presentation with examples of the ways that a trouble-making troll tradition inspired many of the disruptive resistance activities Norwegians developed during the five years of German occupation during World War II.

May 1-7 is CHILDREN’S BOOK WEEK, with no better place to celebrate than at Martha Merrell’s Books and Toys. That date, May 6, also marks the seasonal  launch for Downtown Waukesha’s open farmers’ market, with an art crawl in the evening hours. It’s a delightful place to spend time with plenty of places to snack, stretch, browse, and shop throughout the day. Won’t you join us?




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