Stay Tuned: Big announcements are COMING SOON!

There are an incredible number of behind-the-scenes steps in preparing a book for publication. Steps that go FAR beyond the writing, revising, editing, and proofing. Three years ago, on May 17, 2014, my debut novel, ODIN’S PROMISE, had completed all of those steps and  was released. Within months of that date I was hearing from readers who expected a sequel, which I never imagined writing. I’ve posted previously about the process I pursued to research, write, explore, and eventually produce a two-part sequel. That became a trilogy.

Now we are down to the wire in prepping the final book, MARI’S HOPE, for release in September, 2017. Within the next few weeks, I’ll be back with updates on getting my hands on a print  copy for Advanced Readers, as well as a potential cover reveal and other goosebump-generating details. At least that’s the effect they have on me.

For now, to celebrate this three-year mark, and to help everyone celebrate Syttende Mai, of course, the editor has created a short-term pricing special on the eBook version of my original book, ODIN’S PROMISE. For the moment, the cost is only


Here’s a basic link to all vendors: 
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Meanwhile, thank you for your ongoing interest and support.


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  1. Dear Sandy,

    I am so excited to read Mari’s Hope and see the cover!! These books are the best books I have ever read and of course I adore the author!!! What an exciting time in your life and in the lives of all your readers. I too have goosebumps!


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