Surprises, Encouragement, Progress, and Plans

I’m lifting my head up from working on revisions to the sequel to share some updates. 

WTBBL_PageImageI’ve just learned that Odin’s Promise has been recorded for the Milwaukee Public Library’s TALKING BOOK and BRAILLE LIBRARYI’m excited to think this story will now be available in audio format, and I appreciate those who volunteer their time and talents to make the service available for this and other books.

I learned of this because the recorder sent me a lovely email. I’m such a fan of reading aloud, whether for those with visual impairments or any other readers, that her generous comments were especially heartwarming:

“As a reader for ABLE (Audio and Braille Literacy Enhancement), I have just finished recording Odin’s Promise for the Milwaukee Public Library. It’s a great book with fine characterizations and a story line that would give its target audience much to think about. The style is eminently readable–the dialogue absolutely realistic, and Mari comes to life as a genuine, brave, and loving child.
I hope Odin’s Promise gets a wide readership; it surely deserves one.”
Barbara N.

cookbook cover Jul.kakaThen a package arrived in the mail. A Wisconsin writer came across a Norwegian cookbook at a rummage sale and thought I might enjoy having it. After checking in with me she sent it on and now I am the happy owner of AUTHENTIC NORWEGIAN COOKING, by Astrid Karlsen Scott, 1975. 

As charming additions to these delightful recipes Scott has included two sections on Norway’s culture, including holiday practices and table setting traditions.

A particular surprise was the recipe for Julekake, not to be confused with Kransa Kake, which I wrote about here.

This recipe makes a  Christmas bread, and I’ll post the recipe for it later this fall. it makes my mouth water to read it, so I’m holding it over my head as an incentive to meet writing deadlines before trying it out. I’ve already found some tidbits here that may find their way into the lives of Mari and her family.

Folklore.stokker.1 Another timely arrival is also research-related. I made extensive use of a book by Norwegian scholar Kathleen Stokker  when writing Odin’s Promise (FOLKLORE FIGHTS THE NIAZIS). By a relay route of kindnesses, I learned of another book of Stokker’s that exactly suits my needs for the sequel, REMEDIES AND RITUALS: Folk Medicine in Norway and the New Land. It is proving to be invaluable in seeding elements of traditional practices into the story of the life Mari faces as the war years drag on and hardships increased. 

So, with exciting resources at my finger tips, stories flowing, and the promise of a delicious sweetbread to keep me hitting the keys, I’ll duck back under the radar with a huge TUSEN TAKK to the generous individuals who made all this possible, and to the universe itself for these gifts. 



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  1. Congratulations, Sandy! That is great news, and how wonderful that you’ve received such great resources! I am so looking forward to “Odin’s” sequel!

    • Thanks, Jerrianne! You know all too well how tricky it can be to find sources that are reliable and reflect the time period/culture of the ear and region. I appreciate you stopping by, and now I’m back to work!

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