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And the winner is…


nominated by EVA APELQVIST

I’ll be in touch later today, Eva, so these books can reach you and the library by next week!  Thanks to all who participated, here and on Facebook. I loved reading about the wonderful libraries and schools you nominated. 

The season for giving thanks is upon us and I’m here with an overflowing heart. It’s been quite a year (or three). My pride in completing the Norway resistance trilogy (the one that was never meant to be) is balanced by how humbling it has been to read so many generous words and receive kind acts of support.

As MARI’S HOPE neared its September release, we lined up old friends and new to post reviews on their blogs. Readers familiar with the first two titles were eager to join the virtual book tour, but I was anxious to get opinions from those who could read it as a stand-alone, a book unconnected to prior investments in characters or story. I’m grateful that some were willing to take a chance, and happy to report that opinions were strongly positive. I can’t begin to find words that will adequately thank those who took time to read and  to prepare a post. The glowing support in their posts was beyond my wildest hopes. THANK YOU, to each and every one.

In case you’re interested, here are links to the current line-up of reviews and interviews:

Rochelle Melander, WRITE NOW COACH  (interview)

Rosemary Kiladitis, MOM READ IT


Jenni Enzor Review for MMGM

Stephanie Lowden GOLOWD






Norwegian American Weekly, REVIEW

I was honored to be interviewed by Kathleen Quirk for UWM Alumni Magazine at the Boswell Book Company launch in September, linked HERE.

A most surprising bit of news reached me via several librarian/author friends. ODIN’S PROMISE is pictured in a commercial catalog (Demco) in an ad for kindness bookmarks. It’s an unexpected and random gift from the universe!

Which leads me to this holiday season announcement:


Here’s how you can make it happen and experience the fun of a giveaway. 

Nominate your favorite PUBLIC LIBRARY, SCHOOL LIBRARY, or CLASSROOM in the comments below. Provide one REALLY good reason (or more) why your nominee should win the books.  (It will be a random selection, but I love reading about great book folks!) DEADLINE is DECEMBER 6, midnight, Central Time. 

The winner (comment maker) will be selected and announced on December 7, at which time I’ll contact you for the correct address to send the books. And here’s a little bonus… the comment-maker selected will also win a signed set of books. All books, to keep or give as gifts, will be mailed no later than December 10.

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21 Comments on “Thanks, and Giving!

  1. I nominate Cudahy Family Library to receive the boxed set of Sandy’s historical Norway trilogy. The Cudahy library has the very BEST children’s/YA section and selection of any library I’ve been in — and that’s a lot of libraries! Oh, I sure hope Cudahy library wins the drawing!

  2. Thanks, Jerrianne! If there were a bonus for speedy responding, you’d win it! The drawing will be random, but you sure offered persuasive and convincing support for Cudahy Library. You might want to increase their odds by asking other patrons to nominate them as well! Thanks for reading and participating.

  3. I nominate Our Fathers Lutheran church Library. It is a sweet little library full of kids who love to read and also a few Norwegian children. I have read all 3 books many times and I am so proud of you Sandy and the hard work you have put into writing them. Good luck to the winner.

  4. Milwaukee Public Library’s East branch should be the winner of Sandy’s 3-book set. They make their home in a new building with quiet nooks and crannies, sunny study spots and friendly, knowledgeable librarians.

    But, the above stated facts are not the reasons this library is most deserving. East has one of the smallest collection of children’s books in the area. I believe that one of our goals as authors is to foster reading in young kids. What better way to do this than to increase resources in our local libraries. Let’s start with quality books, like Sandy’s Norway resistance trilogy.

    If we build it, they will come!

    • Susan, I’m having trouble finding my earlier reply, so I’ll try again. I love the idea of a library turning a new building into a new home, a nest for readers of any age to find themselves amid like-minded folks. Wishing you luck, and thanks for participating.

  5. I nominate Spooner Memorial Library (where I work) because we are a small, rural community with a small, rural budget. Our director Angela Bodzislaw is an explosion of enthusiasm and ideas and her focus has been on how to make the children and teen section of our library better.
    Also, we do have some Scandinavian heritage up here and I believe people would really enjoy Sandy’s trilogy – I sure would!

    • What enthusiasm, Eva, and it sounds like a library and staff (you, too!) who focus on what matters most- the readers and other community needs. Good luck!

  6. I nominate the Barrett
    Memorial library in Williams Bay for their wonderful children’s section.

    • Hi, Carol. What s nice thought. I just took a look at their website and it sure looks like a jewel in the community! Good luck!

  7. Susan, what a wonderful nomination! I couldn’t agree more about libraries being a welcoming nest, waiting for kidlets ( and others) to find a safe harbor and home.
    Thanks for participating, and good luck!

  8. I nominate the Read It And Reap Library in Michigan because of its main Librarian Barb Sell who gets to know each patron’s individual preferences and sets aside a small amount of books she thinks they would like. She also goes every Thursday, on her day off, to help out at another library and then to go to a nursing home to read to some of the people there. She does this all while working in her father’s old hardware store that she converted into a small town library.

    • Wow, Louis, I am so impressed with Barb Sell’s dedication and thank you for giving her a shoutout. I wish you luck, and her, too. (And I’m thinking she’d make a great character in a future book!) Thanks for participating.

  9. I nominate the Gray Middle School library/8th grade. These books would fit in perfectly with our Holocaust unit. During this unit, our students read novels in Literature Circles based on the Holocaust. These books would be great to extend the knowledge of what happened to another generation.

    • Hooray, Mary Beth. Good luck on having your school chosen, and THANK YOU for working on a holocaust unit with your middle grade kids. Since writing these books I’ve been training as a Holocaust educator with the Milwaukee area Jewish Remembrance center. What we don’t know CAN hurt us, sad to say. When kids learn what’s happened in the past they become so much more aware of the importance of standing up, rather than standing by, even in local situations. Thanks for participating!

  10. I’d like to nominate Elkhorn Matheson Library. They are a small, community library but very helpful when I come in for questions/suggestions and they have a great Children’s area which I frequent.

    • What a lovely nomination, Nicole. Thanks for stopping by, and good luck!

  11. I nominate our new charter school – Aspen Public School in Fresno, California. We teach in a community of under-served children of our city. Of course we want them to grow into life-long readers and to learn of the world outside of their immediate circles of life.

    • Trine, as a retired teacher I’m rooting for you! Thanks for stopping by and tell your readers I’m counting on them to bring books-0 all books- to life! That’s what authors hope for, and count on them to do.

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