Updates, and Books That Make Us Cry

I haven’t made an appearance here recently, for several reasons.

FIrst, I’ve been writing. Revising, to be more precise. On the last day of 2014 I wrapped up my draft of a sequel to Odin’s Promise and sent it off to my trusted writing sisters for comments and suggestions. As they do with all things we share, they read and reacted in ways that encouraged, guided, enlightened, and excited me to get back to work on it. 

Yesterday I was far enough along in that process to send it to them again. (Greatly improved thanks to their guidance, if I do say so myself.) 

In addition I’ve presented programs at several schools, to a group of professional educators, attended SCBWI and author signing events, and polished programs scheduled for later this spring. 

Hmmm, what else have I been doing… 

I submitted picture book text to another group of writing sisters and critiqued their exciting and creative work as well, read some fantastic recent releases, and kept apace with several professional organization developments. 

I had to cancel my presentation at the fantastic DUBLIN LITERACY CONFERENCE, 2015 in Central Ohio, due to a bout of the flu. The cancellation made me nearly as miserable as the flu did. Educator Franki Sibberson has created a gem of a conference and I was truly honored to have been invited to their program. Hope they’ll invite me back in some future year.

the-secret-skyIt’s also an honor to have my thoughts on BOOKS THAT MAKE US CRY in this two part post collected by the inimitable Donalyn Miller (The Book Whisperer). My thoughts (scroll down in Part 2, here) are on THE SECRET SKY, by Atia Abawi, a young adult contemporary novel. I urge everyone over the age of 13 to read it. Middle school readers who can handle violence and understand even a bit of world events would benefit (and love it), too.

In fact I’ve read nearly every title described and highly recommend them all to you.

So, with your list of to-be-read titles in hand/links, I’ll step back again for a bit to deal with other things. That includes going to Bridget Birdsall’s Milwaukee book launch of her recent DOUBLE EXPOSURE at Boswell and Books in Milwaukee tomorrow. I read a library copy and will celebrate this amazing book by buying a “keeper” copy and having it signed. 

Here’s hoping your days and weeks ahead hold all good things, including at least a HINT of overdue SPRING!




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