World Read Aloud Day: Join the Fun for Literacy


During school visits I often tell kids that I was a born reader. I can’t take credit for that, but my parents can. They read to me, and my siblings, every night. Night after night. With interesting voices. With expression. With enthusiasm. 

I grew up in a time and situation that had few books for kids, yet the ones we had were endlessly entertaining. Not because they were new and shiny but because my parents ignited these nightly read-alouds with love. 

Why should I make the argument further when literacy guru DONALYN MILLER does such a wonderful job in this post for Scholastic. Click here

You never outgrow your need to be read to… ever. And yet some kids have never experienced this. Even teachers who value daily read-alouds in school are finding themselves forced away from the practice due to artificial mandates of time and academic content. 

Visit to register your participation, check out LitWorld’s free resources, and learn more about the mission and value of reading aloud to others, even if they are perfectly capable of reading for themselves. 

Was your literary life affected by being read to aloud? Did it shaped you as a reader? Do you read aloud to others?  I’d love to read what you have to say about your own experiences, and your plans to participate in


2 Comments on “World Read Aloud Day: Join the Fun for Literacy

  1. Dear Sandy,
    My sister Pauline and I visited the South Milwaukee Library growing up. We would read about 5 books a week and would help the librarian with little jobs she gave us.

    We have not stopped reading as adults and love books even more.

    I will be reading Nicholas Sparks new novel and I know my sister has one she will be reading too on February 24.

    We read to our children, grandchildren and now Great Grandchildren
    and that is so much fun and very rewarding.

    A day without a book is like a day without sunshine!


  2. Gerri, you’ll never know the lives you’ve touched by reading to them- each one could well be reading to their own kids and grandkids by now. Thanks for sharing your memories, and keep the read-alouds rolling!

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