WUWM-FM Lake Effect: An interview


I could easily live with an FM radio that tuned to only one station- WUWM. It’s my go-to site for news, entertainment, and links to the issues of the day here and around the world.


This week I had something of an out-of-body experience when I taped an interview with Mitch Teich, one of the hosts of  LAKE EFFECT. This is a locally produced daily radio program for NPR affiliate WUWM-FM. When I miss its morning broadcast I make it a point to listen to podcasts and archived segments. They consistently offer exactly what I’m looking for- even when I had no idea I was looking for it.  

Their author interview segments are a major reason my to-be-read pile of books and library holds constantly expand. That’s why it was an honor to be able to appear on the program to talk about Odin’s Promise.



From this point on I’ll bend  writing guidelines that say I should  refer to him as Teich and instead use the familiar Mitch. This was our first opportunity to meet, but I’ve heard his voice on a daily basis for so long that he seems like a friend. And his congenial welcome and style made the interview feel like a conversation with a friend.

It’s been years since I was in a radio or television studio so I should have felt nervous. Perhaps it was that sense of familiarity with his voice, or the many blog interviews I’ve participated in recently, but nerves just didn’t seem to be an issue.  I’ve spoken about this book and its long journey to publication so often since its release that I suppose I felt prepared for anything.


I have to admit the setting could have been intimidating. Then Mitch said we’d be recording for about fifteen minutes and  I began to flash back to how easily I can ramble on for fifteen minutes about a tangential thought.

That’s when the taping began and I fell into a conversation with a friend. Before I knew it the interview wrapped up and I was headed out the door.




THAT’S when the nerves kicked in. I thought back about what  I’d said and was certain I had talked about everything except the book. I remembered rambling, incomplete sentences. I wondered  if I had answered Mitch’s questions or missed the point. The segment wouldn’t air for another four days and couldn’t stop rerunning the interview in my head. The problem was, it came out differently every time, and each was worse than the one before.

By the time the program aired I was certain I had embarrassed myself entirely. I wondered if they would decide not to air it or would trim it to a minute or two and out. My original excitement about sharing this book with the Lake Effect audience was replaced with dread.

Then, it was on. I didn’t expect to recognize my voice – people never recognize their own voices in recordings or broadcasts. But I recognized the words, and they were actually making sense. I sounded coherent and had responded to the questions asked. I even remembered what I had said and realized there had been little or no editing needed.

Later, when the daily program was archived, I listened again to see if I was just wishful thinking.

It turns out that one reason I enjoy listening to Mitch and the other hosts on this daily program is their skill and talent at producing an informative conversation anyone can enjoy.

Click here to listen to the archived interview and see what you think.








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